Way more than a simple POS: it’s everything you need to grow your business from single store to multiple locations.

In place in many canadian companies for more than 6 years, it’s the most robust and versatile POS solution in the market.

And  best of all, it’s now available worldwide!

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There are many different services offered in the Legacy version of Azimut POS. All the Azimut POS Team truly believe that quality and efficency are the keys to success, and we hope to help you succeed. This is why we are actively developing and improving the Azimut family, in the hope of providing a unique, complete and satisfying experience like no other. With a long range of options, along with a simple to understand,  customizable with modules addons, user-friendly interface, Azimut POS is the solution when it comes to selling merchandise and satisfying customers.

how to grow your business

Two Words: Azimut POS­.

regular updates

We Are Always Working Hard to Make Sure Azimut Legacy is The Most Efficient and Reliable Solution in The Market and stays up to date.

modules addons

More than 25 modules are ready to help complete your Azimut Legacy Suite.

user friendly interface

Simple to Understand and quick handling User Friendly Interface


Better Security to Better Protection ,An Experience Of Strength.

All data are encrypted point-to-point from your systems to our cloud servers. 

Daily backups

Worry free backup solution already built-in

No pin hole or open ports on your network

Security is our main concern and we keep you safe

we help you grow your business

More than 20 addons modules and many integrations are available to help you achieve the business workflow you want.

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Why should i Choose Azimut Legacy POS Over Anything Else?

Azimut Legacy POS Offers Countless Features to Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently. 

– Unlimited Users / employees

– Access Management per roles

– Unlimited Articles and Products

– Support for Variation Charts (e.g. sizes, colors, dimensions, etc.)

– Unlimited Transactions

– Over 100 built-in, real-time Reports

– Multi-Location Support with HeadOffice module

– Gift Card Module (Single Use or Reloadable with Multi-Location Support)

– Fidelity Rewards Module

– CSV and XLS Data Format Import/export

– Included Support for Label Printers, Thermal Printers, Barcode Readers and Scales.

– Purchase Questioning Form (e.g. firearms, licence ID, etc.)

– Ticketing and Reservation Modules

– Integrated Email Receipt Sending

– Reception and Purchase Management Module

– Inventory Management Module

– Batch Management Module (Costing and Selling by Batch)

– Online Bill Payment Module

– Customer Account Management Module

– Membership and Access Cards Printing Module

– Built-in Exclusive E-Commerce Interface Support (Requires Additional OloWidget Service)

– Semi-integration for payment terminals

– Customer Display with Included Advertising (Requires a Dual-Screen System)

– Integrated or External Punchclock with Downloadable App

– Included regular Updates

– Included daily Backups

– Private or Shared Cloud service with a FrontCloud Service Exclusive to Azimut POS Solutions

– Unparalleled Security

– Real-time Monitoring of Emails and Transactions

– Flyer Management (Modification of Promotional Prices in Masses and For a Fixed Period of Time)

– Automated Inventory Counting without Store Closure

– Managemement of Sales Fractions (Bulk, Wighing, etc.)

– Most User-Friendly Sales Interface of The Market

– Ultra-Fast Service Deployment

– Ultra-Fast and Simple Learning Curve

– And Even More…