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Azimut Academy for tiers services providers

Do you want to become an all-Azimut specialist?

Offer your services as a third party for technical support, sale or installation of point-of-sale equipment or on-site training? You have the profile.

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Why become a certified specialist?

integrate system process

You can offer your services on our client base, enroll new customers and touch a recurring commission.

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Learn all the possibilities

Master Azimut products and offer service to your customers in addition to benefiting from visibility on our website.

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Participate in the evolution

Azimut products have been designed thanks to the ideas and recommendations of our customers and partners.

Offer your services andbill customers directly

By being fully certified, we will send you clients who need your services. From the hardware specialist to the web designer, our customers need you.

master Azimut products
Receive referral commission from new clients
Offer your services to our customers around the world
Please complete the form to receive all the information to become an Azimut certified partner.